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Naya Nuki

Naya Nuki, by Kenneth Thomasma

Started 03.01.21 • Finished 03.12.21

"Naya Nuki's tribe moves around to find food. When enemy Indians attack, Naya Nuki is captured. She plans her escape by looking for hiding spots and talking to her friend Sacajawea. When she escapes, she hides her steps and food and stole buffalo skins. During the escape, she experiences bad dreams, bears, wolves, enemy Indians, and snowstorms. For food, Naya Nuki finds berries, artichokes, and carrots. She finds taboos under a burial platform but doesn't pick them up. She makes a snare to catch food. She escapes a grizzly bear. A high fever nearly stops her. She walks into the path of a dozen braves. She finds Shoshoni settlers, who tell her that she is nearly home. She builds a shelter from a snowstorm. She survives by eating little and drinking a lot, staying hidden, and moving way out of the way of predators."

Neph, age 10

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