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You Never Forget Your First

5/25 | Started 01.29.21 • Finished 02.17.21 | 2.5 stars

For me, just a biography with a slightly different tone than most. I learned some things about Washington that I wasn't aware of and I liked the way it was formatted, but the book itself was nothing to write home about. Just kind of middle of the road for me. Not bad, but not great. I definitely could have done without the author's opening salvo about masculinity and the lack of women writing about George Washington. I honestly don't think it contributed to the reading nor had any effect on the overall read. Wasted space and useless politically correct dither in my opinion. Anyway...

Political partisanship, Washington predicted, would reduce the government to a crowd of bickering representatives who were very good at thwarting each other but got very little accomplished for their constituents. And for all his talk of unity, he had come to see people as for or against his administration and had little patience for criticism. Unbridled partisanship was his greatest fear, and his greatest failure was that he became increasingly partisan.
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