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The Last Ranger

The Last Ranger, by Peter Heller

30/60 | Started 06.14.23 • Finished 06.25.23 | 3 stars

Considering that I'm delayed in posting this review as we had family in town, it will be short and sweet.

The Last Ranger is about a Yosemite park ranger named Ren. When his wolf biologist friend encounters some trouble with local poachers, he steps in to figure out who exactly is behind it.

A very Peter Heller book in that his descriptions of the setting and nature are noteworthy. Otherwise it seemed very different from the other two Peter Heller books I've read (here and here). They each had some level of suspense and action that was underlying everything but I found that this one sort of fell flat on that front. I wanted to find out what was happening, but there wasn't any urgency.

Also, I wasn't a huge fan of the romance in this one. While I appreciate that it flowed naturally out of relational development, it seemed unusually explicit for Heller and felt very heavy-handed.

I received this ARC in return for an honest review. I give Peter Heller's The Last Ranger a solid 3 stars.

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