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The Good Master

The Good Master, by Kate Seredy

Started 04.26.21 • Finished 05.05.21

"Cousin Kate is coming! But she thinks Father looks funny and thinks Jancsi is a girl. Kate pushes them off the wagon and steers it home. She won't drink milk, and ate two yards of sausages. She 'can't' get down from the rafters. Father tells her to stay on the rafters all night, then when Jancsi's asleep, Father puts Kate to bed. Jancsi's life was not interesting until Kate came. Jancsi promises to teach Kate to ride a horse. He does, and Kate screams, making Jancsi's horse scared, so it tried to throw him off. Jancsi and Kate have a race to the storm fence. Jancsi wins. They go to a round up and stop a stampede. Gypsies take Kate, and Jancsi and Father ride after them, and she is found. The gypsies steal a bunch of animals. She gets away from them and is found by Father. Kate's father is coming on Christmas! It was a dark and snowstorm afternoon. They hand out gifts. Kate's dad comes! They--really--make a Christmas tree."

Neph, age 10

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