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The Bruised Reed

The Bruised Reed, by Richard Sibbes

Started 10.08.19 • Finished 07.02.20

But if we have this for a foundation truth, that there is more mercy in Christ than sin in us, there can be no danger in thorough dealing. It is better to go bruised to heaven than sound to hell. Therefore let us not take off ourselves too soon, nor pull off the plaster before the cure be wrought, but keep ourselves under this work till sin be the sourest, and Christ the sweetest, of all things.

Though a fairly short book, it is a thick read, as most Puritan works are, but it is balm for the weary soul.

But if God brings us into the trial he will be with us in the trial, and at length bring us out, more refined. We shall lose nothing but dross (Zech. 13:9). From our own strength we cannot bear the least trouble, but by the Spirit's assistance we can bear the greatest. The Spirit will add his shoulders to help us bear our infirmities. The Lord will give his hand to heave us up (Psa. 37:24).... It yields us comfort also in desolate conditions... that then Christ has a throne of mercy at our bedside and numbers our tears and our groans.
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