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Number the Stars

Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry

Started 07.22.21 • Finished 07.28.21

"It is during World War II in Denmark. Annemarie, a girl in the story, is friends with a Jew named Ellen. Annemarie finds out the Germans are closing Jewish stores. Her family thinks they should help the Jews. It got harder to get new things and the Germans stole a list of the Jews in the area. Ellen roomed with Annemarie. Annemarie's house was searched and Germans didn't find anything. The family then goes to their uncle. Annmarie's sister accidentally gave Ellen away. The Germans don't search them. Ellen's family with Uncle Henrik is boating to Sweden. Annemarie had to bring a pack they forgot. Annemarie made it and saved the Rosens because of a special handkerchief."

Timothy, age 12

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