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Nothing to See Here

Nothing to See Here, by Kevin Wilson

37/30 | Started 08.26.22 • Finished 09.02.22 | 3.5 stars rounded down

After seeing this pop up on a few friends' Goodreads lists, I decided to give it a whirl. This quirky novel was a quick read, with endearing characters and a very unique storyline. I mean, I'm not aware of any other story involving children who burst into flames but remain unharmed...

Maybe that's what children were, a desperate need that opened you up even if you didn't want it.

Be warned that there is a fair amount of language in the book. I think it lends to the desperation of the narrator. She was in a nowhere place when her longtime best friend Madison called her up with a job offer: to take care of her fiery stepchildren. It's almost like she had given up on ever doing something worth anything. And then these poor kids are dropped into her lap and she has no idea what she's doing.

"She's the toughest person I know," Madison replied. "But I wish she didn't have to be so tough all the time."

But she does what is probably the most important thing first - she gains their trust. In a way, they've been waiting for someone to trust their whole life, and it comes in a most unlikely person. I love the development of their relationship, how Lillian throws herself into life with them so completely, how they finally surrender to their need for someone to have faith in.

"Quite a sight," Mary finally said, and I felt like maybe she was sincere, that we were something to behold.

I do feel like the book ended rather abruptly and I wished for maybe some kind of epilogue where we find out about what happens to the twins and Lillian, and to Timothy. I wouldn't say the writing was stellar, though there were some poignant moments. Overall a good read, and one I would consider recommending to the right person.

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