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King of the Mound

King of the Mound, by Wes Tooke

Started 08.17.22 • Finished 08.31.22

"Nick is in the hospital with polio. His father is on a baseball team for Bismarck, North Dakota. Once Nick gets out, the doctor gives him a brace for his leg, which is the only sick part. so Nick starts to go to a lot of his dad's team's games where Mr. Churchill, the manager, gives him some team jobs. His first job is to get all the names and birthdays of the players, where he befriends pitcher Satchel Paige. Satch gives him deer oil to help with his leg. He starts gradually recovering. Later the team goes to a tournament in Kansas, where they almost get kick out just because their team is integrated. Then they play a team that tries to cheat, just so they could say they beat the best pitcher. They go on to win the tournament and Nick fully recovers and starts pitching again."

Neph, age

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