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In His Image

In His Image, by Jen Wilkin

6/30 | Started 01.21.22 • Finished 02.09.22 | 5 stars

I actually started this one a couple of years ago, right about the time Covid shut everything down. We were going through it for women's Sunday school at my church, and then we had to stop one class in. I think I just had to wait for the right time to pick it up again.

The narrow path is not hidden.... It shows itself to those who have learned to ask, "who should I be?" and to look to the person of Christ for their answer.

Another thoughtful book from Jen Wilkin, In His Image walks the reader through ten of the communicable attributes of God and why and how we should go about mirroring them in our own lives. Wilkin is winsome and concise, while still offering a depth of study that I really appreciate. She has such a gift for connecting her readers to scripture and the heart of God. I was wowed afresh as I read about these ten ways we can image God - that he calls us to that image and then empowers us to become more and more like that image through the process of sanctification. There is a companion book to this one called None Like Him, which I may pick up next.

When we joyfully embrace the call to be holy as he is holy, those worn-down contours of his likeness begin to be restored to sharpness. The divots and scratches inflicted by the fall and by our own folly begin to be erased. As we grow in holiness, love, goodness, justice, mercy, grace, faith, patience, truth, and wisdom, we look increasingly like Christ, who looks exactly like God.
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