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Bomb Shelter

Bomb Shelter, by Mary Laura Philpott

13/60 | Started 03.10.23 • Finished 03.20.23 | 5 stars

I'm becoming a big fan of memoirs as essay collections. I found this one to be hilarious, endearing, and thoughtful.

If I had a cooking show, it would be called, What the Hell Am I Doing?

Philpott relays stories of her father's occupation, which often took him into the government's end-of-the-world underground bunker during training drills, her son's epilepsy diagnosis, and her family's connection to a box turtle that knocks on their door. She collects her thoughts around love and loss, anxiety and aging, the passage of time, and raising children, among other things. Those are just the ones that stuck out to me. She does an excellent job weaving themes together, sometimes in amusing ways and sometimes with a touch of heartbreak. Highly recommend.

Sometimes time moves quickly and sometimes it moves slowly, but it always moves forward. This is not your life forever.

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