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Winter Danger

Winter Danger, by William O. Steele

10/25 | Started 03.01.21 • Finished 03.19.21

"Caje and his dad are woodsies who lie off what they find. One day Indians try to kill them but fail. Later a huge flock of squirrels went through the forest migrating south. Caje thinks they are going to outlast the winter, but he's wrong. His father decides to stay with his brother in a cabin. Soon after they arrive his father leaves Caje at the Tadlock's. Snow began falling heavily and Mr. Tadlock slips on the ice. He catches a cold as the food supplies diminish. Caje decides to leave but when he left he found a bear and killed it for the Tadlocks. Caje that night held off wolves trying to get the fresh meat. When he arrived at the cabin the next day he saved the family. Five stars." - Timothy, age 12

"A boy named Caje and his dade, Jared, are woodsies. They are deep into Indian country. They encounter Indians, and are nearly killed. They find the Tadlock's cabin, where they stay. Jared leaves because he doesn't like taking the Tadlock's food. Eventually, Caje, too, decides to leave. But when he hasn't gone far, he shoots a bear, and decides to give it to the Tadlocks. He can't make it back before dark, and he encounters wolves, who are after the meat. He kills one. In the morning, he returns to the cabin, where Same, Caje's cousin, is outside. He calls his mom, and comes to Caje. Apparently, he 'can't get down this dang hill without falling.' And there the book ends." - Neph, age 10

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