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Where the Red Fern Grows

Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls

Started 05.31.22 • Finished 06.10.22

"Billy, a boy who really wanted two hunting hounds, worked on a farm with his father. One day he found a magazine and was shocked to find an ad for dogs at $25 each. He decides to save up for them by selling stuff like food to fishermen. He eventually reaches $50 for two dogs and goes to his grandpa for help buying them. Then Billy goes to the city by himself as the crow flies. The dogs will arrive by train. He gets his dogs and named them Big Dan and Little Ann. Billy starts training them and is soon hunting and making money for his family. Mother doesn't approve of hunting at night but lets Billy do it. One day Billy finds out about a hunting tournament and enters. Billy's dogs easily win the first round to go to the finals. In the finals the dogs found a coon nest with three coons in it and after getting them all return to the campsite and win the tournament. Billy won a big trophy and a lot of money. With that money the family will move into town but before hand tragedy happens. Billy was hunting with the dogs when they found a mountain lion which they eventually killed, but not before sustaining injuries that killed Big Dan. Little Ann died a day later after losing the will to live. Billy buries them and one day finds a red fern growing there which is a good sign. Then the family leaves and Billy who worked hard for his dogs... left them behind."

Timothy, age 13

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