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War Horse

War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo

16/60 | Started 03.01.23 • Finished 04.03.23 | 4 stars

This novel is told from the point of view of a horse named Joey. The story begins on a farm in England, where he comes to love his owner's son, Albert. Joey is then drafted into the war for use in the cavalry. The horse endures much throughout the course of the war, good and bad, including a near-death experience due to an injury from barbed wire. Near the war's end, Joey is reunited with Albert, who had enlisted in the veterinary corps in order to find him. Through the kindness of an old grandfather who harbored him for a time, Joey is able to return home with Albert to work on the farm.

We enjoyed this as a family read-aloud. Captivating story simple enough for my kindergartener to follow along with but exciting enough to hold my 6th grader's attention. There were some times when it dragged a bit and the writing wasn't anything to highlight, but it gave a good feel for the (tamed down) violence and sorrow of war while also offering a glimmer of hope.

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