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Uncommon Type

Uncommon Type, by Tom Hanks

29/30 | Started 06.15.22 • Finished 06.28.22 | 3.75 stars

A delightful collection of short stories all somehow involving a typewriter. A few of the stories overlap somehow or have the same characters. It is difficult to pick a favorite! There's the time-traveling man who finds a woman he can fall in love with. Or there's the billionaire who has to hole up in a run down motel in the middle of nowhere. Or the one about the immigrant who finds himself in New York City. But it might be the last one about a man who bowls a perfect game while hanging out with some friends. And then bowls another, and another, and another, eventually ending up on ESPN.

She said it straight out of her face in a way I couldn’t.

Hanks proves himself a capable story-teller. I wanted so many of the stories to keep going when they got to the end - not because they felt unfinished but because I was enjoying the characters and storyline so much. I've heard that the audiobook version, narrated by Hanks himself, is stellar.

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