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Tree. Table. Book.

Tree. Table. Book., by Lois Lowry

33/60 | Started 07.20.23 • Finished 07.25.23 | 4 stars

I really loved the whole cadence of this book, which concerns two Sophies - one age 11 and one age 88. The younger Sophie is drawn to the elder, Sophie Gershowitz, because they seem to get each other - I pictured kindred spirits a la Anne of Green Gables. However, Sophie G. seems to be struggling and the younger Sophie is out to prove everyone wrong. In the process she discovers Sophie G.'s story - one that's filled with strength, loss, and determination.

Sophie Gershowitz has taught me many things. Teaches, I mean. Present tense. I am still learning from her. And I think that learning from each other is one of the most important parts of friendship.

My only caveat with this book is that it seemed too short. I wanted to know more about their relationship, and more about Sophie G. and her history. I get though that this was a middle grade novel and not meant for the average adult attention span or interest level. I'd definitely recommend this one. It would specifically relate to young readers who are dealing with difficult medical situations involving an older person with whom they are close.

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