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Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold

Started 08.17.20 • Finished 09.21.20

"Benedict Arnold was born in 1741. He was a boy who cared about money more than anything. He would plan schemes to get money. When he turned twenty-one he enlisted in the army and fought the Revolutionary War. He was shot in the same leg twice and it was destroyed. He became a major general and plotted a plan with the British when he was fighting for America. He switched sides to try to end the war. He was a traitor to America. He lost the war and died in 1801." - Timothy, age 12

"Benedict Arnold is known as a traitor. He was once fighting as an American and later switched to the British. He made many enemies. He got shot in the leg twice, and it had to be amputated. His wife was the one who made him switch sides. He sent John Anderson to deliver some papers. He was caught and hanged." - Neph, age 9

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