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The Yanks are Coming

The Yanks are Coming, by Albert Marrin

16/25 | Started 03.22.21 • Finished 04.23.21

"The book is about how our country joined the Great War. It told all the dangers in it. It talked about flying, trenches, how they got there, and battles they fought. A very detailed book with many pictures. A series of chapters talk about the lost battalion. Amazing book. 5 stars."

Timothy, age 12

"This book talks about the dangers of WWI. The air war, the land war, invasions, the Red Baron, and much more. Machine guns put on plane noses could cause a crash. Extremely dangerous gas shells can cause thousands to die. People like MacArthur, aka 'The Dude', York, and General 'Blackjack' Pershing, were great men of the war. The Red Cross was important too."

Neph, age 10

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