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The Women

The Women, by Kristin Hannah

24/60 | Started 04.06.24 • Finished 04.18.24 | 4 stars

Once again, I find myself way behind on book reviews thanks to some laziness on my part but also some popularity of the book, resulting in an inability to get a photo. I had to resort to this shot from the bookstore.

Kristin Hannah's The Women is, to be somewhat cliche, a powerful book. It's set during and in the Vietnam War. It follows Frankie McGrath, a young nurse who enlists to serve as part of the nursing corps. Little does she know what she's in for. Hannah paints a gripping though graphic picture of a time not often (ever?) covered in historical fiction.

We also learn of Frankie's post-war experience, when resources were limited and the cultural environment was rather hostile. Frankie finds love, but endures great loss. It is an emotional and at times heart-breaking story. While not my favorite of Hannah's novels, it is still quite good. I felt like she spent too much time describing the dress and appearance of the characters. I would recommend it to most people, with the caveat that it is quite graphic in some places.

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