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The Westing Game

The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin

Started 06.27.22 • Finished 07.08.22

"Sam Westing is dead. He had chosen heirs of inheritance. He wrote a letter before his death that said that one of his the heirs killed him. Then sheets of clues to who did it are handed out. So the heirs try to figure it out. Then, Turtle Wexler decides to set off four bombs. So after a while she confesses to setting them off, but she didn't kill Sam Westing. Everyone figures out what their clues mean and try to hunt for the killer. Turtle's said that she had to find the four directions. They are last names. Westing, Northrup, Eastman, and I don't remember the South one, but Turtle wins."

Neph, age 11

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