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The Trojan War

The Trojan War, by Olivia Coolidge

33/25 | Started 11.15.21 • Finished 12.13.21

"It was a slaughter. Achilles, who was avenging his killed friend, had killed hundreds in the battle that day and now faced the mightiest of all the Trojans, the champion Hector. As the Trojans were flooding through the gates into Troy, Hector turned around to face Achilles. The king tried to tell Hector to stop but to no avail. Hector did not stop. But then he did stop over the fear of Achilles, turned around, and ran. They raced around the city three times. Hector stopped as well as Achilles, who threw his spear at Hector. He ducked and threw his spear at Achilles, which bounced off his armour harmlessly. Hector then used his sword against him but was overpowered. Achilles then killed Hector to avenge his friend."

Timothy, age 13

"Paris is injured, on a stretcher. Two slaves carry the stretcher in the direction of the healing nymph Oenone's cave. They stop to rest. 'Hurry,' Paris says. They slowly trudge up a set of stairs in the burning sun. they reach a river with a cave across it. They cross and Paris shouts, 'Oenone! Oenone!' She comes out. 'Please heal me, for I am greatly injured.' Oenone repeatedly shouts 'No!' with some different versions. Finally Paris leaves. On the way back to Troy, he dies. Oenone comes later. 'I shall heal Paris of his wound.' 'Paris is dead,' a servant shouts. Oenone weeps."

Neph, age 11

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