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The Silver Branch

The Silver Branch, by Rosemary Sutcliff

Started 04.16.20 • Finished 05.18.20

"It all starts when two distant cousins meet at the wall. Their names were Justin and Flavius. They become good friends. One day they went out and saw Allectus, chief minister for Caesar Carasius, talking with a Saxon, an enemy of them. They right away went to Caesar with the Saxon to tell him. It seemed like Caesar did not agree with them even though he sent them away to a different post. Allectus later assassinated Caesar to become Emperor of Britain. Justin and Flavius after finding the lost eagle of the ninth led a band of rebels against Allectus with help from Rome and won." - Timothy, age 11

"Two cousins named Justin and Flavius need to fight against Allectus, who is trying to overthrow Caesar Constantius. Some Saxons try to catch them, but Flavius's aunt hid them, and they were saved. They beat Allectus." - Neph, age 9

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