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The Samurai's Tale

The Samurai's Tale, by Erik C. Haugaard

Started 03.11.22 • Finished 04.06.22

"When powerful Lord Takeda's soldiers come into the stable boy Taro's city, they spare his life and take him along. He meets Lord Akiyama, and over time he becomes a samurai. He is sent to siege Iwamura Castle, which he obtains, then Oda Nabunaga attempts to take it. Taro, now known as Murakami Harutomo, is sent to Kofuchu with a message. He hears that his friend Yoshitoki died as well as his master Wada Kansuke. He hears that Nobunaga has taken Iwamura. He attempts to avenge Akiyama's death. He marries Aki-hime, who he has loved for a long time. He goes back to his old life."

Neph, age 11

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