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The Ruin

The Ruin, by Dervla McTiernan

24/30 | Started 05.20.22 • Finished 06.03.22 | 3 stars

Cormac Reilly is a detective in Galway, Ireland. Assigned to review cold case files, he comes across a 20-year-old case in which he himself was the first responder. He had been called out to a home where he found a 15-year-old Maude, 5-year-old Jack, and their dead mother Hilaria Blake. Within days of looking into the cold case, then 5-year-old Jack, now 25, turns up dead by supposed suicide. What follows is the complicated web of connections between the cold case and the new case, involving Jack's girlfriend, Aisling, long-lost Maude, a missing girl, a lawyer and his sister, and a host of detectives. Good detective/crime novel.

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