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The Magician's Nephew

The Magician's Nephew, by C.S. Lewis

Started 06.12.21 • Finished 06.22.21

"The book is about the first of all journeys into Narnia and how it began. It all started when Digory's uncle made magic rings which could bring them to different worlds. They first went into a dying world named Charn where they meet a witch who is evil. Polly, a friend of Digory's, joined him and they went back to Earth with the witch, who destroyed a little bit of London. Then with Uncle Andrey, a cabby (whose wife was brought in later by Aslan), his horse Strawberry (renamed by Aslan, Fledge, when he became a flying horse), the children, and the witch witnessed the beginning of Narnia created by Aslan. The witch flees them and will become an enemy of Narnia. They plant a magic apple which grows into a tree and Digory is able to save his ill mother with one. It is the beginning of all of Narnia's stories."

Timothy, age 12

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