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The Lewis and Clark Expedition

The Lewis and Clark Expedition, by Richard L. Neuberger

2/25 | Started 01.04.20 • Finished 01.25.20

"The Lewis and Clark expedition was a hard journey across America. In some places they were scarce of food. They met grizzly bears, sailed on the Missouri River to the Rockies, passed the continental divide, met Indians, and sailed all the way to Oregon and back. In Oregon they saw the Pacific, had plenty to eat, and built a fort. Along the way they picked up Sacajawea, an Indian girl stolen and sold as a slave. She was one of the friendly Shosones. All the Indians were friendly except the fierce Blackfeet. Most of the party made it back to St. Louis safe and well." - Timothy, age 12

"Lewis and Clark set off in St. Louis. During the expedition, they had little food. They met Indian tribes, some of which were friendly and kind, some were unkind and mean to the travelers. The Blackfeet tried to steal their guns. Sacajawea was kind, and she traveled with them. when they returned, President Jefferson promoted and congratulated them. A few times during the trip, people got sick from stuffing themselves right after starving, and some people died. One man, I forget who, was captured by the Blackfeet and escaped." - Neph, age 10

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