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The Kite Fighters

The Kite Fighters, by Linda Sue Park

Started 02.25.20 • Finished 03.20.20 / 5 stars

"The story begins with two brothers who love to fly kites. The younger one was called Young-sup and the other is Kee-sup. Kee-sup had just gotten a kite for his birthday. Young-sup wanted one for himself. He and Kee-sup made kites for themselves. They enjoyed flying kites together. They made friends with the king who was only a boy. the King liked kites himself. He asked for one. They decided on a dragon kite. The King loved it. He asked Young-sup to fight for him in a kite fighting festival. He won using a special line with little bits of pottery on it. It was a close win because right when Young-sup cut the line of the other kite he fell out of the circle."

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