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The Hobbit

The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien

Started 06.13.21 • Finished 07.05.21

"Bilbo is a hobbit. He also has a friend named Gandalf who happens to be a wizard. They argue about what good morning means, then Bilbo goes into his house in frustration. A bunch of dwarves come to discuss a mission. They tell Bilbo that they need him. He refuses, but the next morning he changes his mind. He runs to catch up. Bravo, say the dwarves. They must defeat Azog the Defiler and the Orcs. The journey is hard and the Orcs are disgusting. Bilbo has an encounter with Gollum. He was knocked unconscious, and finds Gollum's ring. He has no idea where he's going except forward. He falls into a lake. They play a game of riddles. Bilbo wins. Gollum leads Bilbo out of the cave. With the magic ring on, Bilbo sneaks into his friends' camp. Balin looked at him but didn't see anything. He does tell them about the ring. They escape from goblins to nearly be caught by wolves. There are hundreds of wolves. They fly on Eagles. They head to a skin-changer's house. The skin-changer has a bee pasture. The dwarves leave Beorn. Gandalf leaves them. They encounter big spiders. They float down the river. They are getting close. The dwarves must get their vast wealth back. They meet the elves. Bilbo is sick. They are on the doorstep. They go into the Lonely Mountain! Bilbo talks to Smaug. Bilbo gets rewarded for coming. They cope it out. The roof opens. The floor is very smooth. There are rumors that Smaug is dead. The rumors are true. They sing the song they sang in Bilbo's hobbit hole. They sneak to a friend of the Elvenking named Bard. Gandalf returns. The Battle of the Five Armes happens. Bolg son of Azog joins the fight. Bilbo is knocked out. He goes home. He arrives to find an auction on his house just ending."

Neph, age 10

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