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The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom

Started 06.13.22 • Finished 06.21.22

"The book is about a woman named Corrie who lived with her sister and father. They were watchmakers and owned a shop. They had lots of extended family who all helped when Hitler invaded Holland. They helped to free Jews and others out of Holland before the Nazis caught them. In their home they built a hiding place in Corrie's room. One day when they are housing people the Nazis come. They take the whole family away and the people that were housed. The family moves around the country and is split. Father dies during this time. As the Allies move closer they are taken to Ravensbruck. The first thing that happens in very cruel. They are taken to the showers but while in line forced to become naked. This happens over and over. Corrie's sister Betsie dies there. Their names were also taken and given numbers. Corrie is freed and goes home. Afterwards the war ended. Corrie Ten Boom has traveled the world extensively including behind the Iron Curtain. This was a good book."

Timothy, age 13

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