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The Beduins' Gazelle

The Beduins' Gazelle, by Frances Temple

Started 02.16.22 • Finished 03.10.22

"Only babies, cousins Halima and Atiyah were pledged to be married. But now, Atiyah has been sent to Fez, which is renowned. Atiyah has never seen clear water. Until now. 'Etienne-Roum,' he says, 'look at this clear water! I have seen nothing like it!' 'Looks normal to me,' is Etienne's reply. Halima has left home. She is spotted by a scout from the Beni-Shummari tribe. 'Come with me,' he says. Atiyah finds her with them. Raisulu, the sheikh, or ruler of the tribe, wants her to marry him. He misleads her and acts like she said yes. Then, the day of the wedding, he gives her up to Atiyah."

Neph, age 11

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