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Sarah Whitcher's Story

Sarah Whitcher's Story, by Elizabeth Yates

Started 02.08.21 • Finished 02.26.21

A girl named Sarah is outside one day with nothing to do, when she wanders into the forest, pretending to be Ma and Pa. She winds up lost. Her parents had gone somewhere, so her siblings do not known she is lost until they arrive without her. Pa thinks that Sarah will be found soon. For the first night that Sarah is missing, Pa sleeps while Ma watches for Sarah. Bear prints are found, but Sarah had been done no harm. with Ma's persuasion, they persevere. Sarah sleeps in a shelter-like formation of rocks. She entertains herself by playing with cones. She shouts for someone, but thinks that someone it trying to be her. She meets a bear. A man named Heath has a dream about her, and where she is. He and Mr. Patch go and find her. Her father trusted in God.

Neph, age 10

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