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My Oxford Year

My Oxford Year, by Julia Whelan

17/25 | Started 04.23.21 • Finished 05.02.21 | 2.5 stars

[This post was delayed as I had to wait for the book to come into the library so I could take a photo]

Picked this up to prepare for another pop up book club I plan to attend later this month. I loved the Oxford setting. But it was the kind of love story that from the beginning you're just waiting for the other shoe to drop. And drop it does. Not my typical read, but enjoyable enough.

I thought the hardest thing I’d have to do was leave him in June. But the hardest thing is staying. The hardest thing is living with dying. Loving with dying. The hardest thing is love, with no expiration date, no qualifiers, no safety net. Love that demands acceptance of all the things I cannot change. Love that doesn’t follow a plan.

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