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Miss Buncle's Book

Miss Buncle's Book, by D.E. Stevenson

28/25 | Started 09.19.21 • Finished 10.14.21

A fun little book I picked up after hearing about it on What Should I Read Next? as a great in between books easy read. Miss Buncle leads a rather unhappy life in a rather boring town until she decides to write a book under a pseudonym about everyone in her town.

She had lived for so long among these people and had suffered so many afternoon teas that she was able to say the expected thing without thinking about it at all. You simply put a penny in the machine and the expected thing came out at once, all done up in a neat little packet, and suitably labeled.

Turns out her descriptions are so spot on that people are able to identify themselves in the book, which results in anger along with even more of the identifiable behavior. I enjoyed all the different characters and reading their reactions to being written about, and especially how their hatred for the book actually spurred its success!

He had already noticed that Miss Buncle was either monosyllabic and completely inarticulate, or else overpowered by a stream of words which forced themselves between her lips like water from a bursting dam.

I saw the romantic part coming from a mile away but I didn't mind it as much as I have in some other books. Give this one a shot!

She was meticulously truthful in all she said (it was almost as if she were on oath to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth all day long and every day of the week).

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