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Master Cornhill

Master Cornhill, by Eloise Jarvis McGraw

Started 01.06.20 • Finished 02.25.20 / 4 stars

But at moments like this, with the evening pale about him and the clear, pure notes silvering the air, his heart swelled with shapeless longings until it seemed too large to hold in his chest.

"It all starts when Master Cornhill, a boy only at age 11, finds when he returns to London after the Plague that his family and friends are all dead. Later in the fall he met Tom, a ballad man who becomes friends with him quickly. Later the next summer it is hot. There are clouds that flash lightning without any rain. Later, on the night of September 2nd, disaster struck. The Great Fire of London began. It raged and roared for the next three days until the wind changed and the fire stopped. Master Cornhill began to learn how to draw maps after the fire from another friend Master Hass, who was a Dutchman." - Timothy, age 11

"Flauw! Men are fools - ja, Tom, it is so, eh? They grieve for what is worthless and cannot see what God puts beneath the nose."

"This story is about a young man named Michael who lives a very exciting life and survives the Great Fire of London. I like that he finds Susanna. I also liked that Tom was not pressed. I liked that Michael survived the Plague, and that Susanna and Master Hass were alive after the fire, and that Michael also survived the fire." - Neph, age 9

Always there was change, there was no preventing it and no undoing it either - and all arrangements were temporary. Everything changed except one's courage. But as long as that remained, a person - or even a city - could look ahead.
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