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Greek Myths

Greek Myths, by Olivia Coolidge

Started 10.15.21 • Finished 11.03.21

"Athens becomes Athena's city when she plants an olive bush. Random, right? Well it would give Athens all it needs. Winter and fall are when Demeter's daughter Persephone is in the Underworld with Hades. Apollo and Hyacinthus were like brothers. One day they decided to play with a discus. Apollo threw, and Hyacinthus marked where it landed. Apollo throws the discus. It flies through the air, floats high, then, out of jealousy, the wind blows it into Hyacinthus's head, killing him. Atalanta, who father was a greedy king, desire not to marry. The king demanded that she marry, so she held races, and whoever beat her, she would marry. If she won, the men would be killed. Aphrodite and Hippomenes cheated in the last race. They threw Atalanta golden apples to make her fall behind. Chimera were deadly. It was part lion, part goat, part dragon. You see why it was dangerous? Theseus is considered a good hero because he slew many monsters and robbers fighting for justice on the way to his father. Hercules had to do 12 labors because he killed his wife and three sons."

Neph, age 10

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