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Gone-Away Lake

Gone-Away Lake, by Elizabeth Enright

Started 05.13.22 • Finished 05.25.22

"Portia is going to be left at her cousin Julian's house for the summer. They go exploring farther than Julian has ever ventured. They find a rock with the words 'Tarquin et Pindar' on it. They find a swamp. They find people that live among the wrecked houses. Their names are Mrs. Cheever and her brother Pindar, a.k.a. Mr. Payton. They become fast friends and tell stories. One day, a storm hit. Julian's brother Foster had followed them, and lost track of them, so he takes shelter in a creepy shelter and goes out to the swamp. Then he gets caught in what's known as The Gulper. Mr. Payton saves him. Mrs. Cheever gives them a house. They build a bridge over The Gulper. The summer comes to a close."

Neph, age 11

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