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Depression, Anxiety, and the Christian Life

Depression, Anxiety, and the Christian Life, by Michael S. Lundy and J.I. Packer

Started 07.22.20 • Finished 09.14.20

Each of us is far more complicated than can be explained by physiology, neurochemistry, or psychological formulation. Our very complicated physiology, neurochemistry, and psychology are all profoundly affected by our souls, even as our souls are by them.

To say that J.I. Packer only gives the introduction to this book is to understate his contribution. He takes the reader through a full chapter of the life of Richard Baxter, explaining why he qualified as the "spiritual physician" he was often called. I appreciated the subsequent chapters of updated work from Richard Baxter by Michael S. Lundy. The Puritans can be a difficult read at times and having it "translated" into a more modern read, or in some cases explained via end notes, was extremely helpful.

God requires you to see your sin and misery, but in a manner that tends to magnify the remedy and to cause you to embrace it. Never think of sin and hell alone, but as the way to thoughts of Christ and grace. This is the duty of even the worst of us. Are your sins ever before you? Why not also the pardoning grace in Christ?

It is packed with solid theological truths that will take time to consider and digest. He gives advice both to the depressed and anxious as well as the physicians who attend them. And he gives some practical wisdom on what it looks like to come out of depression and anxiety through faith. So be sure to give yourself permission to go slowly. It is well worth your time.

Christ knows his own grace, even when those who possess grace may have doubts about it.
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