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Comforts from the Cross

Comforts From The Cross, by Elyse Fitzpatrick

7/25 | Started 01.01.21 • Finished 02.24.21

What a wonderful collection of 31 readings from Elyse Fitzpatrick, all of which are focused on the work of the cross and how it actually impacts our lives rather than being another point in the story of Jesus. I found every day to be encouraging and uplifting, raising my eyes to the glory of Jesus, his suffering, sacrifice, and victory. It was helpful for training my mind to remember the gospel every day - to in fact "preach it" to myself - for it is my very life.

If this battle is so difficult, why don't we just give up? That would seem reasonable if it weren't for the gospel. The gospel teaches us that instead of focusing on ourselves and our closely clinging sin, we've got to focus on, to consider, Jesus. We've got to look away from our sin, whether because it's alluring and drawing us toward it or because it's condemning and pushing us into ourselves and away from our Savior. We must patiently focus all our attention on him. We've got to think, ponder, or consider, Jesus. Every aspect of the gospel is meant to encourage us in our war against sin.
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