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Christmas Days

Christmas Days, by Jeanette Winterson

2/60 | Started 12.26.23 • Finished 01.11.24 | 2.5 stars

Despite the star rating, I did enjoy this book. It was a fun collection of varied stories, alongside recipes that were amusingly relayed. However, there was a fair amount of LGBTQ stuff in several of the narratives. Had I known that ahead of time I might have foregone reading it. I initially picked it up because I saw it recommended as a fun "every Christmas" read from someone whose ratings I usually trust.

In addition, it wasn't necessarily stellar writing, just average, with a few bright spots thrown in. Unfortunately, I lost all of my highlights because between the time I finished this book and the time of writing this review, my library no longer has the digital version available. Ah well. All that said, I'd choose a different Christmas-themed book to return to year after year.

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