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Black Beauty

Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell

“In your place he will last till he is twenty years old—perhaps more.” This quote reminds me of God when in the old testament He stayed with his people and helped them in their distress even if he had exiled them. This is why He sent Jesus. God sent Jesus to save us from our sins because he loves us. This quote reminds me that even if God seems far away, He is always near. The title of the book was Black Beauty and the author is Anna Sewell the genre of the book is fiction. The reason I thought I would like this book is that it was about horses. I had recently read Little Britches by Ralph Moody which made like to read books about horses.

The main character of the story is Black Beauty who is a horse with a white star on its forehead. What Black Beauty would like is a quiet life in the country which is what Beauty starts her first years of life in. Black Beauty’s obstacle is that when mistress is forced to move away she is sold to become a cab horse in London. She labors through many years of hard work until she can’t do anymore work. She was bought by an old farmer and his son who nurse Beauty back to health and sell her again back to a quiet life where she finds people she knew in her first years.

I give this book a rating of 5. What I liked most is when Black Beauty finds Joe Green who was a boy of fourteen in her early years. What a Christian can learn from this book is the differences between loving and caring and cruelty. When a horse is whipped when it can’t pull a cart, that's cruelty, but if you get out and help the horse that shows caring for a horse he or she loves. I believe this book should remain on the summer reading list."

Timothy, age 14

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