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Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables, by L.M. Montgomery

After Matthew had died, Anne said, “God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world.” This quote reminds me of where God is in this world and why everything He puts upon us is part of His plan. The title of the book is Anne of Green Gables and the author is Lucy Maud Montgomery. The genre of the book is fiction. I thought I would like this book because it is about the adoption of a girl who at first wasn’t wanted with the Cuthberts but won them over with her amazing imagination.

Anne Shirley is a very imaginative eleven year old girl who has red hair and green eyes. Throughout the book her wants change from puffed sleeves to beating Gilbert Blythe in whatever test she can. An obstacle in some of her wants is Marilla. Another is Gilbert because he is as smart as her. She achieves most of her wants with help from Matthew and beats Gilbert by studying. With beating Gilbert, Anne won the Avery Scholarship but gave it up to teach at the school she once went to, to help Marilla who was aging.

I decided to rate this book a five because of the amazing storytelling the author gives and the imagination of Anne. Towards the end of the book a lot that is said and done we can learn to do ourselves. When Anne made up with Gilbert after he had pulled her hair five years earlier showed repentance between the two. Gilbert said he was sorry to Anne and knew what he had done was rude. Anne after realizing that Gilbert could be nice apologized to him and asked to be friends. Referring to the quote from earlier we can learn from it that everything that happens even if someone beloved dies it is all part of His plan for us. I recommend that this book be returned to the summer reading list.

Timothy, age 13

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