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Amos Fortune, Free Man

Amos Fortune, by Elizabeth Yates

Started 02.25.21 • Finished 03.04.21

"It all starts out when At-mun was captured by slavers in Africa. when he arrives in Boston he is sold to a Quaker. He is named Amos and adopts Christianity. He is sold again then freed and becomes a successful tanner. He bought and freed a woman and married her but sadly she died almost a year later. Amos then buys another woman with her daughter and frees them. Amos marries her. She is named Violet. They move to a town where Amos starts a new tannery on land loaned to him. Later he buys his own land. Near the end of his life he give money to the church for a silver communion service. He died November 17, 1801. Five stars for this book."

Timothy, age 12

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