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A Long Way From Chicago (re-read)

A Long Way From Chicago, by Richard Peck

Started 02.06.23 • Finished 02.13.23

"My favorite quote was, 'I'd take a 5-dollar bill from you,' because even though Mr. Weidenbach tried to pay the least amount of money for burgoo, Grandma told him to not be selfish and give more than he had to. At first I thought I'd like it because Grandma tried to tell others to be kind, but it was funny also.

The main characters are Joey, his sister Mary Alice, and Grandma. Grandma wants to keep people from stealing from her house, and the kids want to have fun and help Grandma. The problem is, there are a few kids who like to walk around doing that stuff. The kids do have fun, and Grandma does keep people from stealing by setting traps and waiting.

I'd give this book a 5 out of 5 stars because Grandma was kind of like a wise guy and it was funny. It also seems like this all really happened."

Neph, age 12

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