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Bomb, by Steve Sheinkin

24/60 | Started 04.05.23 • Finished 05.19.23 | 4 stars

As our final family read-aloud this year, we chose this book about "the race to build - and steal - the world's most dangerous weapon." Such an interesting read! We learned so much about espionage, politics, history, and even basic physics. Sheinkin did a great job keeping the suspense going from chapter to chapter, especially when it came to the espionage. However, it is definitely not for children as there are a few swear words and some intense descriptions in the chapter about the bomb's effects on the ground in Hiroshima. I was fooled a little by the Newbery Honor in that regard. This is more for young adults. Thankfully, my younger one wasn't tuned in enough to this one to notice the difficult parts. Would recommend for teens and up!

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