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2019: A Year of Library Picture Books in Review

We love getting picture books from the library for Carolyn. Out of the piles we bring home, she usually latches on to a couple at a time. I mostly use the monthly lists from Read-Aloud Revival, but I've also pulled from a few other sources over the years. Here's a brief, up-close look at a few of Carolyn's favorites...

Pie is for Sharing, by Stephanie Parsley Ledyard

Illustrations by Jason Chin

This story of all the different ways we can share, with its gorgeously charming illustrations, is seamlessly woven in with a 4th of July celebration. Perfect for summer!


And Then Comes Summer, by Tom Brenner

Illustrations by Jaime Kim

Another summertime book that explores all the sights, smells, and sounds of the season.


At Night, by Jonathan Bean

We're big fans of Jonathan Bean in this house. His other books Building our House and This is My Home, This is My School were hits with the boys, and I'm sure Carolyn will love them as much as she loves this one.


Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, by Mac Barnett

Illustrations by Jon Klassen

A clever story about two boys who decide to go on an adventure and come *this* close to finding treasure.


What about you? What picture books do your little ones love getting over and over again from the library?

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