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Listening for Lions, by Gloria Whelan

Started 01.16.20 • Finished 02.18.20 / 5 stars

"The story is about a girl [whose] mom and dad died of the Flu. She was taken by a family called the Pritchards who also had their daughter die of the Flu. She was sent to Britain to act as their daughter because she had the same color hair as her. She grows to love the grandfather of the Pritchard's daughter. Later she tells the secret she was holding all along. Even if the Pritchards sent a replacement to act as their daughter, the grandfather was a great friend to her. She later went on to become a doctor and return to where she came from."

The Whistler, by John Grisham

Started 01.10.20 • Finished 02.11.20 / 2 stars

Maybe it's because I read this as brain candy between two heavier books but I found this just so-so. I'm usually a fan of Grisham when it comes to needing a break. This one seemed maybe a bit long for the plot.

Do you have a favorite Grisham book?

In addition to the Valentine's Day books we covered here, this month's reads included some folk tales thanks to the monthly list from Read-Aloud Revival.

The Tortoise and the Hare, by Jerry Pinkney

One Fine Day, by Nonny Hogrogian

The Lion and the Mouse, by Jerry Pinkney

The Three Bears, by Paul Galdone

We're a little late getting our list out because a lot of the books were already checked out at our library. Maybe everyone had the same idea we did! Carolyn ended up loving the two Jerry Pinkney books - it's easy to see why he won the Caldecott Medal. What are your favorite folk tales to share with your kids?

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