5 Minutes in Church History, by Stephen J. Nichols

22/30 | Started 08.21.21 • Finished 05.25.22 | 5 stars

This was a great resource for our homeschooling year. These 40 short readings saw us looking at all sorts of people from the history of the church, many of whom we had never heard. We read about one per week, though we doubled up toward the end of the year in order to get the whole book in over our 33 weeks of school. 10/10 would recommend for adding in some church history to your curriculum.

  1. When I Don't Desire God, by John Piper (free!)

  2. Introducing Romans, by Christopher Ash (free!)

  3. Social Sanity in an Insta World, edited by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra (free!)

  4. Acts Abide Bible Journal, from Thomas Nelson (free!)

  5. The Sower, by Scott James

  6. Encouragement for the Depressed, by Charles Spurgeon

  7. ESV Prayer Journal: 30 Days on the Gospel, from Crossway (free!)

  8. Polly and the Screen Time Overload, by Betsy Childs Howard

  9. Ten Words to Live By, by Jen Wilkin

  10. 12 Faithful Women, edited by Melissa Kruger and Kristen Wetherell (free!)

  11. Tears and Tossings, by Sarah Walton

  12. Psalms ESV Illuminated Scripture Journal, from Crossway (free!)

  1. Praying in Public, by Pat Quinn

  2. The Pastor as Counselor, by David Powlison

  3. Deeper, by Dane C. Ortlund

  4. The Care of Souls, by Harold L. Senkbeil

  5. Jesus Through the Eyes of Women, by Rebecca McLaughlin

  6. ESV Prayer Journal: 30 Days on Humility, from Crossway (free!)

Adventures with Waffles, by Maria Parr

23/30 | Started 04.29.22 • Finished 05.25.22

"The book is about the many crazy adventures of Lena and Trille. The stories have many crazy endings and quite a few injuries as well. In one story Lena decided to put her mother's puppet fox in the center of a bonfire decoration which is a sun. On the day of the bonfire the sun is placed on top of the wood. Lena looked scared and just after the fire was lit shouted for it to stop before the flames reached the sun. Well such a commotion happened and Grandpa slipped away to get the muck tractor. HE charges down the hill in it, stops abruptly, and splatters everything around with muck and put the fire out. Another story is when Lena came back after moving away. Trille decided to put her in the cabin on the mountain with a chicken. After climbing well up the mountain, Lena says no. So they sled down the mountain. 'Weee!!!' turns to 'Ahhh!!!' as they hit a ramp, jumped over the main road, which sent all of them flying and the chicken skyward. Both Trille and Lena suffered concussions and would talk about it for a while after."

Timothy, age 13

"This book is about two best friends whose names are Trille and Lena. One day, Lena was hanging to stories off the ground. Why, you ask? Well, Lena was basically crazy, and she had had many concussions. She's hanging by her feet, about to fall. 'Trille! little help?' Suddenly, Trille gets an idea. He takes the softest mattress out of the house and Lena falls. She lands on the mattress, which was on a hedge, which was then destroyed. But Lena was safe. Lena moved away that year. But she comes back during the winter and they go sledding instead of hiding Lena. So they're flying down the hill on frozen snow, screaming 'Yee-haw!' They're zooming down. They're going like forty miles an hour and they hit a bump. "WAAHH!!' They're airborne. Lena goes head first into the snowman and Trille goes face first into a hedge. They both get concussions."

Neph, age 11