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The Lord of Psalm 23

The Lord of Psalm 23, by David Gibson

6/60 | Started 11.12.23 • Finished 01.27.24 | 5 stars

I knew this book was going to be good, given who I had seen recommend it, but I truly had no idea I would love it so much. It is packed full of exposition, OT/NT tie-ins, language research, and all sorts of scripture references. Yet it is still so, so accessible! I felt very much like I was being led through a passage similar to how Ortlund does it in Gentle and Lowly (if you liked that one, you'll definitely like this one). Gentle, pastoral, insightful, and decidedly winsome, there is so much to glean from this one that I already feel like I need to read it again.

Gibson breaks Psalm 23 into 3 portions: the sheep and the shepherd, the traveler and the companion, and the guest and the host. Each of those portions are then divided into three sections. I had truly never approached the psalm this way and found it helpful to have the structure dissected and explained as Gibson does. If you want to know what it means for the Lord to be your shepherd - which is way more than just you being a sheep - pick this one up.

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