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North! Or Be Eaten

North! Or Be Eaten, by Andrew Peterson

20/25 | Started 04.26.21 • Finished 05.28.21

"Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! This book is the second of the four books in the Wingfeather Saga, as Janner, Tink (now Kalmar), and Leeli go north. Nia, Podo (aka Scale Raker), and Leeli make it to Kimera in the ice prairies while Janner is put to work in the Fork! Factory! Tink is put in the black carriage and taken to the Phoob Islands to be fanged. Janner escapes the factory and meets Maraly who helps him get to Kimera where Gammon, the leader of the Kimerans part betrays them. Artham on the Islands finds Tink who has been fanged but not given a name. Podo has an encounter with the Sea Dragons who give Podo one more passage through their waters. In the end Kalmar remembers who he is and they sail toward the Green Hollows."

Timothy, age 12

"The Wingfeathers are going to the ice prairies. On the run from Fangs, they fall into a gargantuous rockroach den. Janner is cornered, and foolishly throws the water from the first well into the rockroach's mouth. It tripled in size. The Wingfeathers escape. Podo breaks his arm. The family is separated. Tink (Kalmar) runs away from Janner, and was taken by the black carriage. Janner is captured and becomes a slave at the Fork Factory. He escapes with the help of Sarah Cobbler. He finds Maraly, a Strander, and she helps him. They meet the Florid Sword (Gammon) and find Janner's family. Tink is gone. Artham is captured. Grey Fangs are made. Tink is turned into a wolf and is found. Artham brings him to the family. Tink is now called Kalmar."

Neph, age 10

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