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Mary Slessor: Forward into Calabar

Mary Slessor: Forward into Calabar, by Janet and Geoff Benge

4/30 | Started 01.05.22 • Finished 02.02.22

"Mary Slessor was a missionary in Calabar. She was a one of a kind missionary who would rarely back down in fights. She worked in multiple villages teaching and stopping fights. She was nicknamed the White Ma. She was able to make quick relationships. She was heroic in many ways like healing sick chiefs. She was able to learn new languages quickly and run an orphanage. She was also able to overcome tribal religions and show the tribespeople how to live a better life. She spent over 35 years in Calabar overcoming many diseases like malaria, which she had multiple times. She even made peace between tribes. One time she saved twins from being killed because it was custom to kill twins. One of them later died but the other survived. Her name was Janie and she helped Mary many times throughout Mary's years in Calabar."

Timothy, age 13

"Mary Slessor, whose family is very poor, works in a cotton mill. Her father gets drunk all the time and her mother is working all day. Her dream job is becoming a missionary in Calabar. She begins teaching a Sunday school, and is wired to not go into the classrooms alone. She wanders in anyway one morning and is attacked by a gang, who wants her to stop teaching. She is cut, and invites them in to learn the gospel. They later become Christians. Later, she is sent to Calabar. She goes farther inland than any other missionary, all while spreading the gospel and stopping cruel practices of the people. She adopts many twin kids because they are considered bad luck. She does the most in Eking, where there are many, many practices that are wrong. Mary Slessor passed away at the age of 67 after forgetting engagements, being persecuted, and spreading the word."

Neph, age 11

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