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God King

God King, by Joanne Williamson

26/25 | Started 08.19.21 • Finished 09.17.21

"It is a story of Taharka, who became Pharaoh. He was in fact a king in secret. He had been attacked and assumed dead so one of this brothers took the throne. Haru (his secret name) traveled to Jerusalem and along the way he saved a couple of lives. He was forced into Assyrian captivity only to escape with help. He goes to King Hezekiah and helps him. During his time there God sent a plague on the Assyrians which made them leave. Also in the area was Haru's brother. He went to him and persuaded the army that he was the true king. His brother then returned the crown and he became king again."

Timothy, age 13

"Taharka, son of the god, heals a slave and breaks the law. Taharka's father dies, and hen he does, a wand of gold files up, spins, and point to Taharka. The wand had made its choice. Taharked had received his punishment. The priestess, the god's wife, must give oracles by breathing poppy smoke. Then, she goes under and influence and apparently, the god Amon speaks through her. Taharka - the new god - must choose a companion, who would be the king's double and would be able to do what the god couldn't. Hezekiah, king of Judah, destroys the Assyrian god's altar and stops paying them tribute. Taharka though Hezekiah was crazy, because the Assyrians were merciless. Assyrian forces were huge, blotting out the sun. Taharka is afraid, and leaves Napata, but no one in the palace is on Taharka's side. Taharka's friend Amos doesn't want Shabataka on the throne because Shabataka is greedy for power. Amos explains quails that fed Israel. Sennacherib doubts that Taharka, now known as Haru, is only a physician's assistant. The army is disloyal to Shabataka because they believe that Taharka is the true god king. Shabataka is defeated, and Taharka is god king again."

Neph, age 10

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